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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tutu & Heels Bachelorette Party!

If you're planning a bachelorette party and want a girly but fun night out, Tutu & Heels is a great theme! We suprised our sister Kacey last summer and had so much fun with it! 

We bought the tutus from a local boutique (you can often find them on and cut them to the length we wanted. The bride wore all white and the girls wore black, paired with black or fun colored heels (dont forget short spandex shorts underneath).
During dinner and drinks we played "I've Never" with these Ive Never Bachelorette Party Cards. It was a perfect game to start the night! Once we were finished with dinner we went out to a few local bars for more games and dancing!  Below is a list of ridiculous things the bride-to-be had to accomplish over the course of the night! 
Make sure to bring a camera so you can document each moment! It’s a great way to add a unique twist on the traditional bachelorette night out!

Kacey on one of her scavenger hunts "Find someone with a condom, then blow it up"!! 


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