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Monday, March 17, 2014

Always on my Mind, Always in my Heart

We wanted to dedicate today's post to our Mother Brenda.  Today would have been her 56th birthday.  Our mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer February 2009, and just 8 short months later, October 26, 2009, she lost her battle to lung cancer.  Even though she was taken from us far too early, we are forever blessed to have had her as a mother, for without her we would not be the women we are today.  Every year on her birthday we try to do something to remember and celebrate her life; whether its eat her favorite foods, enjoy a day outside, or just exchange stories, to us its a day worth celebrating! Today we wanted to share a few of our favorite things about her.  

She taught us so much about life and she truly had so much joy in hers.  She was always smiling and happy and didn't need anything except for her family to make her that way.  Such a genuine heart and truly never judgmental.  We all had such an open relationship with her and could honestly talk about anything with her!  

We will never forget her laugh or the face she would make when she would get embarrassed/modest, her inappropriate jokes, or her delicious cooking! We loved how she would sing to us every birthday; or try to be extremely quiet in the mornings while we slept; when in reality she was actually being super loud!! 

She was the person we would call while walking home from the gym at night or while on long drives; we could call her 3 times a day and she would still be happy to hear from us by the 4th phone call.  As sisters we have always been close, but it is because of her that we are even closer today, we each turn to each other for things we once would turn to her for.  As each of us are now mothers; there is so much of her we now see in ourselves and we only hope that we can be the strong, wonderful, and loving mother that she was to us.  

Kelly, Kacey, & Carolyn 


  1. Girls, I remember your mom and I think of her often, especially since now I have lost my mom too. I miss her, she was always so nice to me and welcomed me at your house all the time, she was just like a 2nd mom to me. I remember one time in particular in 5th grade, we took a field trip to the beach and she was there as a chaperone. I was so nervous about being away from home but she let me hang out with her so that I wasnt scared. She had such a kind heart. I will never forget her, Happy Birthday Brenda! ~Megan

  2. That is so special. Made me tear up. You girls are so strong and its so wonderful you have eachother.