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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hubby's Fitness Challenge and 21 Pound Weight Loss

My hubby just completed a 60 day fitness challenge and I couldn't be more proud of him!  He lost 21 pounds and 6.5% body fat!! Since he had such awesome results, I wanted to share some info with you regarding his diet and exercise! Everyone is so different, but this worked for him without leaving him starving while losing weight safely and with a creating a lifestyle where he can keep it off!  

Below is a link to the meal plan and grocery list and 4 different workouts.  

He also worked out 6 days a week and focused on weight training and incline cardio (walked on an incline for 40 minutes).  
PS how creepy is his mustache!? It definitely added to his before picture!!! 


  1. But what was his post-bed snacks?? That's my hardest time!

    1. Mariah! Like you mean snacking in bed!? If so, usually if we are hungry in bed we will chew gum or brush/floss our teeth to kind of stop us from snacking in bed!! Wait it out 20 minutes and if its just a craving the urge to snack will usually pass, if it doesn't then I'd try like a half banana :)