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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Must-Have Wedding Pictures & Detail Tips

Since wedding season is upon us, I thought I'd post some simple detail ideas and must-have wedding pictures! Now yes, these are from my wedding so I may be a little biased, but I think moments like these should definitely be captured for every bride and groom!  

Detail Tips:

The garter - remember you need 2, one to keep and one to toss.  Mine were both hand made and my keep garter was made from parts of my mother in law's wedding veil, using special fabric or material is a great way to make something more special!  

 Card House!  My dad had this made for us since the money we received from our wedding was put into a savings account to go towards our first home!

 Escort card table - Add details with a simple lace fabric and some pearls (you could also use tulle, mirrors or flower petals)!  I also had a local printing company print the escort cards and it was only like $20!!  

This room had large windows which I was not fond of, so I had a local event company put up these beautiful drapes. Then after the ceremony, the drapes were the perfect backdrop for the wedding party table!   

 Cake Display - (fun note I had my cake designed to match my dress!) Also my mother in law found our cake cutting/serving piece at our local goodwill for like $3!!  They had never been used and she made them more special by having our names and wedding date engraved! 

I also hired a florist for my bouquets and ceremony pieces, but to save money we did all of the table center pieces and other table decorations!  We ordered the roses from costco and my husband's aunt and grandma arranged them for me!  His aunt is SO talented she did most of my other decor as well (which saved me money in the long run, so find a crafty friend or family member to help)!

Oh I also totally recommend doing a money dance.  It was a fun way to talk to some of the guests for a few moments and also get some extra cash for the honeymoon!  I think Garrett and I got like $700 from it, which basically paid for our fun excursions in Hawaii!

Now on to my must-have wedding pics…

I also had the photographer take some special pictures of me in my garter for just my hubby!

 The first look!  

We left a seat open in honor of my mother.  Such a special picture for me.

My bouquet was also wrapped in a piece of lace that was hers and also had a pendant with her picture.  I now have this bouquet preserved on display in my home. 

Wedding photographer: Story Lantern Photography 

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I could post 100 more, but I think those are my top choices for a must-have post!  Tell me what you are doing to remember your special day, any special ideas or tips you'd like to share!? Have any other questions about timelines/details??


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