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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas - Budget Friendly

Valentines Day is on Saturday this year!!  Below I have put together 5 Valentines Date ideas that are budget friendly! You could easily do a few of these this year, get creative and have fun!

1.  Skip dinner and go straight for dessert.  If your anything like my husband and I, dessert is your favorite part anyways, so why not forgo "dinner" altogether.  Instead find a chocolate shop, bakery, coffee shop, or ice cream parlor and get a few different items to share!!  I love the idea of getting a hot chocolate and dessert to share.  Eat some sweets and enjoy each others company!

2. Bundle up, grab some hot coco, and take a walk downtown. I don't know about where you all live, but here in Reno people watching is always a good time.  That and it sounds fun to see all the couples dressed up and just the atmosphere for Valentines Day evening.

3.  Do something he loves.  Valentines Day is geared for woman; dinner, chocolates, flowers, jewelry…. why not make this year about something he loves.  Hit up a local dive bar and play darts, go on a brewery tour or even go to the local shooting range and have him give you a shooting lesson!

4. Go Bowling! Why not?  I don't think Valentines Day needs to be the traditional dinner and a movie anymore.  Bowling can be fun and a little competitive. Listen to some good music, order up a soda/beer and a pretzel and you are just a few strikes away from a good night! :)

5. Stay in bed!! Valentines Day is on Saturday this year, so what better way of celebrating it, then in your own bed in pajamas (pj's optional).  Whether its coffee and doughnuts, popcorn and candy, or all of the above, just stay in bed and binge watch Netflix shows/movies all day!! I personally would LOVE to be doing this one…

Most of these date ideas are kid friendly, so you can still celebrate even if you don't have a babysitter!


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