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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Brendal's Birth Story

Now that Brendal is almost 8 months old I figured I better hurry and share our birth story before she turns one! Brendal was born at 38 weeks, it was honestly a pretty easy labor and delivery, but I wanted to share. After we lost Beckham at 21 weeks and a following miscarriage 5 months later, I just honestly appreciated my entire pregnancy so much more then ever before. I truly understood what a miracle and blessing every pregnancy was and I didn't want to take any of it for granted. Leading up to Brendal's delivery I always told Garrett how I couldn't wait to have her in my arms and how I just wanted to hear her sweet cry. Brendal was named after my mother Brenda who passed away from lung cancer in 2009.  

I woke up that morning and my back was hurting so I decided to shower. In the shower I noticed I was having what felt like contractions,  but since I was only 38 weeks,  I assumed it was false labor/braxton hicks. I was actually schedule to be induced at 39.5 weeks.  Garrett asked me if I wanted him to stay home but I said he left for work and Connor and I decided to have a lazy day at home. My contractions continued all morning and were about 7-8 minutes apart. I tried to keep busy still thinking it was false labor, but kinda hoping it wasn't. By noon I was still contracting and was pretty tired so I asked Garrett if he could come home when he could. He came home shortly after, so I headed to take a bath and rest for a bit.

It was about this same time, I decided to text my friend Ashley who is a L&D nurse.  Ashley was actually my nurse with Beckham and was so amazing we became friends. She told me to continue tracking my contractions and to text her every hour. I basically rested in bed the rest of the afternoon and by 6:00pm I was having them every 5 minutes. By 7:00pm I was ready to go to the hospital to get checked. At this point I was very uncomfortable and while hubby is driving I was literally cursing him for every red light or bump he hit .😂 It also snowed lightly that day, so it was such a cold walk from our car to inside; I remember we had to pause during contractions and we were freezing!  I was so nervous to get checked because with Connor I was sent home 2x and labored for over 30 hours before they admitted me.  We arrived at the hospital and they monitored my contractions for an hour and when the nurse returned and said they were admitting me, I was soooo happy and relieved. While waiting to be admitted, I texted me friend Ashley and she said she was on her way in so she could be our nurse (she is so awesome)!

Ashley arrived about the same time as the on call OB did, and after that it all moved pretty fast! I was bummed I didnt get my OB but he wasnt on call that night. I got an epidural and they broke my water about 9:30pm and by 11:30pm it was go time! I remember Ashley asked me if I wanted Brendal to be born on the 16th or 17th, because it was going to be that close!  Brendal was born at 11:57pm and they immediately placed her on me.  Holding her on my chest and hearing her sweet cries was one of the happiest moments of my life and she is the answers to our prayers.  

Thanks for reading and letting me share this sweet girls story with you all! She truly is the sweetest addition to our family and her quirky personality fits right in.  I am working on posts sharing her struggles with reflux, "failure to thrive" and eating issues but that is all for another day.  Today I just wanted to share her story and just a wonderful example of how good God is!!!