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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cookie Party

Hi guys, it's Kacey! We had so much fun in Oregon, nothing beats being back in your home town and seeing all of your family!
Trips sure are different with kids now, but it is so much fun seeing all the cousins play together! We stayed the week at Kelly's house and had a full house of kids. Kelly and I were probably both exhausted by the end of the week, lol.

One of the funnest things we did while home, was let the kids make and decorate sugar cookies! Kelly's good friend Jenna gave her the recipe and they were so tasty!  Kelly and the kids baked the cookies and really the kids did all the pouring and mixing, they were even in charge of cracking the eggs!  Letting the kids take control of baking was so much fun for them, you just have to accept that things may get a little messy! Connor and Bashlin are both 3 years old and just a few months apart and they are best helpers, being able to lick the batter at the end was definitely their favorite part!

Here are some pics we got during our cookie baking party!!

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