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Friday, October 20, 2017

Kacey's Family Photos and Gender......


The votes are in and 61% guessed we were having a girl while 39% guessed a boy!  I will get to the gender in a minute!
First, I wanted to share some favorites from our family photo session we had a few weeks ago with Melissa Vossler Photography.  Melissa now lives in North Carolina, but she travels to Reno a few times a year and Southern California several times throughout the year.  When I found out we were pregnant I almost didn't book family photos, because I thought "I'll just have to get them redone next spring" BUT I'm so glad I did, because these past 10 months with Brendal in our family has been so amazing and I'm so glad I have these to remember this special time with the 4 of us.  Connor loves being a big brother (even though he has asked to trade her for a puppy a few times)!!!  Now that she is getting a little older he is enjoying playing with her! I still need to do a full post on Brendal's eating and reflux issues and I promise to try to get it written before her first birthday.     

Okay, now the reason I know your all here!  The gender! So based on my symptoms I kept going back and forth on whether or not I thought it was a boy or girl...  I was starving and exhausted like I was with Connor and Beckham, but I have waves of nausea and my face has decided to break out with something called "dermatitis" from all my hormones which made me feel like it was a girl!  We got our test results on Tuesday and learned our baby is low risk for genetic disorders and also that we are having a............


We are really excited to be adding another boy to our family and I know Connor is too!  When we first found out we were pregnant I asked Connor if he wanted a brother or sister and he said "no more babies!" lol.  As time wore on I kept asking him, so I think he figured out he didn't get that as an option, so he decided he wanted a brother!  It is going to be a little crazy and another boy is definitely going to keep me on my toes!  Hoping they are Brendal's protectors and that she is as excited to be having another brother as Connor is!  

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