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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Kacey’s pregnancy update

We are halfway! We had our anatomy scan yesterday and our little booger was in a position that the tech couldn’t see everything, so we will have to go back in 3 weeks for a repeat scan. But what she could see looked great! I’m so bad at taking bump pictures because most days I’m chasing the kids around and forget I’m even pregnant. 
As much as I’m hoping things go fast (being pregnant wise) I am wanting it to slow down a little as we are still working on Brendal’s eating difficulties. Which I will share an update on her soon. 

We haven’t started on the nursery because technically Brendal is still in it but we did transition Connor to a new room so we are in works of the room shuffle! 

How far along? 20 weeks 
How big is the peanut? About 13oz and the size of a mango.
Total weight gain? + 7 pounds 
Working out? Nope 🤦‍♀️ which isn’t like me, but I’ve been kind of hibernating with Brendal. But my hubby has been and is super into meal prepping so at least I’m eating healthy! 
Maternity clothes? Mostly no but I am wearing a few maternity tops. 
Sleep? As well as expected with 2 other kids 😂 
Best moment this week? Anatomy scan, And Garrett finally feeling him move. Ive been feeling him move for a move or so. 
Symptoms? Non really, sleepy? 
Food cravings? None 
Food aversions? Water And I hate touching raw meat 
Gender? Boy 
Name? Yes, but not sure if we are sharing publicly..... so I’ll hold off for now! 
Labor signs? None
Belly button in or out? In 
What I miss? Wine and raw sushi 

Mmmmm.... I think that’s all for now! 


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